Wow, We Haven’t Posted in Awhile!

Yikes, poor neglected blog hasn’t been posted to in a few months. We’ve been pretty busy I guess. Things have been happening in the kitchen, notes have been made, ideas generated, and we really need to get back to blogging more regularly (and cook book writing too!)

While we didn’t blog the last few months we do have some pictures to share from that time….
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Six Summer Dishes We Found on Pinterest…

The boys and I have been trying to give Brian a few more breaks from cooking during the week. With the kids home all day and no soccer practices to run off to in the evenings we’re able to get a little more creative even on weeknights. But it’s hot and no one wants to spend five hours cooking, right?

Here are six yummy looking things we found on Pinterest this weekend that we’re going to be putting to the test in the kitchen soon… (in no particular order)

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Rootbeer Chocolate Cake and Creme Soda Vanilla Cake Made Gluten Free (and Easy!)

When the kid’s have a birthday I generally make them a special cake. When Lucas turned 15 this month we had a really busy week and I was out of everything I needed in the pantry, didn’t realize it, and with two soccer games that day he wound up getting a cake from the grocery store on his actual birthday. *gasp* the horror! But I promised him that I would make him two of whatever kind of cake he wanted for Memorial Day weekend. Rootbeer Cake is his favorite, so that was his request.

gluten free rootbeer float cake and gluten free creme soda cake
The topping is supposed to look like the topping on the creme soda vanilla cake … the rootbeer cake wound up a little short on topping. I’m sure you can guess what happened there.
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