To Sauce or Not to Sauce a Dish

A few of the things I’ve made recently we’ve gotten dinner to the table and someone will say, “This could use some sauce.” I confess to having thought so myself on a few dishes, like this chicken and sun dried tomatoes with rice dish that I prepared….

So why do we choose not to sauce? The biggest reason, it can be a big calorie bomb. Adding a sauce on a dish can create unnecessary calories that I would rather have elsewhere on my plate. As a secondary reason, I have to be careful what I thicken a sauce with due to my family’s allergies, in particular my wife’s gluten allergy.

Now, not all sauces are calorie packed and there are definitely thickening options that aren’t grain based, there are certainly sauces out there that are low calorie and I’m going to be experimenting with a few different things. I know that if I want to avoid sugars and gluten that Ill need to prepare my own sauces instead of buying jarred product, which generally means low calorie and lots of options.

What I’d really like is some suggestions! What are your favorite sauce options, tips for making sauce, so on and so forth? Dish it up and leave me a comment below.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen!

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A few years ago I had gotten really sick with a mystery infection that put me in the hospital for over a week. When I got home I wasn't much better off. I had to have foot surgery and was laid up on the sofa for awhile. In that time I watched alot of Food Network and really gained a passion for food and it's preparation, cooking for my family was something I could still do even when I wasn't feeling my best and it was a way to help myself reach a healthier goal as well. Now I find myself always looking for healthier options that still taste wonderful and with my wifes gluten allergy I have even more of a challenge of feeding everyone. Honestly ... I am loving every minute of it. Because my kitchen has become my place of Zen.

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