Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cake

Hey there! It’s Loretta again, here to crash Brian’s blog with some baking chatter. My dad sent me two gluten free baking cookbooks for Christmas this week and I couldn’t wait to try out the recipes. Literally within hours of unwrapping these books we were at Farm Fresh picking up the ingredients to make Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cake.

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cake

I was a little anxious about it, I haven’t had cake since April when I had a teeny-tiny piece of our oldest son’s birthday cake after just a few weeks of going gluten free. I broke out in hives that night and felt miserable the whole next two days. It was so not worth it. I haven’t touched cake since, skipping cake on several birthday occasions since then. I love cake, I missed cake, even if my waistline has been shrinking quite nicely.

You would probably never know this cake was gluten free unless someone told you. It’s full of sweet deliciousness with cinnamon and vanilla. The kids loved it and raved about it all day long, I certainly enjoyed it, and it was gone in under 24 hours.

This Snickerdoodle Cake is from Page 56 of The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free
Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cake

I did make a few alterations while putting this cake together. I used a sugar free pudding mix instead to cut down some of the sugar content, and I went light on the brown sugar crunchy topping that is in the layers. I didn’t want to give Brian sugar shock if he decided to have a slice since he’s been sugar free for so long now and it just seemed like so much sugar. (He did have a small slice and loved it, but the kids made sure there were no more slices laying around to tempt him into eating more!)

I also did the final assembly of the cake a little different than the instructions in the book. The original recipe calls for the the top of the cake to just be the crunchy caramelized brown sugar topping and to frost the center and sides of the cake with thick layers of the cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Since I kept the brown sugar layers thin to minimize the sugar load I opted to put those both in the center with a thin layer of frosting in the middle of the cake and then frost the entire cake.

Another thing I want to add about this cake is there is a lot of vanilla. A lot. You’re starting off with a gluten free cake mix, yellow or vanilla. You add instant pudding mix, vanilla. You add 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract to the cake batter. And then you add another 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract to the frosting. It seems like a lot and I was actually worried that it might be overpowering in the final product, but it was delicious and amazing. Same goes for the amount of cinnamon in the recipe. It seems like a lot when you’re mixing things up, but it’s just right.

I think over the holiday break I’ll tackle making one of the bundt cakes in the book!

Thanks for hanging out in the kitchen with us!

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  1. Dad & Edna says:

    We are both so glad you liked the book and that the recipes are going to work for you. Enjoy making more goodies and let us know how they turn out.

    Love ya,

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