My First Attempt at Curry Chicken

Photo0060.jpgTonight’s dinner was attempt at making Curry Chicken. Curry has always been a spice blend that I was intimidated by, but my oldest son wanted to try it. So when we made our trip to Fresh Market this weekend I made sure to purchase a pounch Madras Curry Powder from their display of fresh spices.

My first step was to cube up the chicken breast and give it an 8 minute poach in salted boiling water. In a large bowl I tossed the poached chicken with the curry powder and then gave it a quick fry in a pan. I added some of the water I used to poach the chicken in and put a lid on the pan to let the chicken steam some more and hoped for the sauce to build up.

Curry Chicken with Rice, Steamed Veggies, and Carrot Puree

To complete the meal I added some steamed vegtables, rice, and a carrot puree that I made by boiling carrots and blending them together with some ground black pepper and olive oil. I really enjoyed my first attempt at making curry chicken and certainly will not shy away from it any more anymore.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen,

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A few years ago I had gotten really sick with a mystery infection that put me in the hospital for over a week. When I got home I wasn't much better off. I had to have foot surgery and was laid up on the sofa for awhile. In that time I watched alot of Food Network and really gained a passion for food and it's preparation, cooking for my family was something I could still do even when I wasn't feeling my best and it was a way to help myself reach a healthier goal as well. Now I find myself always looking for healthier options that still taste wonderful and with my wifes gluten allergy I have even more of a challenge of feeding everyone. Honestly ... I am loving every minute of it. Because my kitchen has become my place of Zen.


  1. Yum! I’ve always wanted to cook with curry but also am terrified to give a try. I love these instructions though – it sounds so very easy. I’ll have to give it a try, along with that carrot puree. sounds good. So, did your son like it?

    • It wasn’t too hard, although I wish there had been more/thicker sauce – so I need to work on that next time. Dylan did enjoy the dinner. The carrot puree was good, but it kind of freaked the kids out a little I think.

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