Happy New Year!

So glad to be done with 2012 and ready to push forward in 2013. Normally we’d make a traditional New Year’s Day dinner of pork and saurekraut with mashed potatoes and greens on the side plus a host of fun desserts. But we wanted this year to be different… (and Dylan is allergic to pork anyway)

We said to hell with 1st day of the new year traditional dinner plans and we just had grilled cheese sandwiches and leftovers for dinner. And it was darn awesome after all that food-coma inducing holiday fare over the past week (plus it was easy to clean up = bonus points)

I figure if you want different life results for the coming year, the best thing to do is to start it off differently than you normally do!

Brian will be back to posting here regularly again soon… the end of the year was a bit rough on us and we’re reshaping our life a bit in the months to come. Stay tuned for delicious awesomesauce over the next 12 months :)

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