The Kids Are in Love with Hungry Girl Egg Mugs

Kids are making egg mugs... we love HungryGirl :-)Feeding a house full of people in a hurry to make it on time for bus-catching and clock-punching in the mornings can be a crazy mess and sometimes we slack off and fall into a trap of grabbing whatever for breakfast. In an effort to get the kids away from the popular chocolate puffed cereals and sugar coated toaster pastries, this morning I introduced them to Hungry Girl’s famous Egg Mugs!

Unfortunately, the camera is on the fritz and I don’t have any photos to share from our fun in the kitchen this morning, but it was definitely fun. I showed the boys how to add their ingredients and just pop it in the microwave for a quick hot breakfast that didn’t require a huge mess in the kitchen or a ton of measuring. Super easy.

Happy kids because they can make their own breakfast. Happy parents because they’re not eating sugar filled junk before they head out into the world for the day. Happy everyone because there’s no mess to clean up later. Everyone’s a winner :)

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A few years ago I had gotten really sick with a mystery infection that put me in the hospital for over a week. When I got home I wasn't much better off. I had to have foot surgery and was laid up on the sofa for awhile. In that time I watched alot of Food Network and really gained a passion for food and it's preparation, cooking for my family was something I could still do even when I wasn't feeling my best and it was a way to help myself reach a healthier goal as well. Now I find myself always looking for healthier options that still taste wonderful and with my wifes gluten allergy I have even more of a challenge of feeding everyone. Honestly ... I am loving every minute of it. Because my kitchen has become my place of Zen.

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