Hail Merry Macaroons Are a New Favorite In Our Kitchen – with thanks to Healthy Surprise

Hail Merry Chocolate Gluten Free MacaroonsWe received Hail Merry Macaroons as part of our Healthy Surprise monthly snack box subscription. Our first box came in February and it had the chocolate macaroons in it. Dylan and Brian split those pretty quick, I didn’t even taste one.

Then when I opened up the March box this week and they saw the Hail Merry logo, they snagged that bag and opened it on the spot! I guess I’ll be ordering these on a regular basis now, they seem to be a favorite of the guys.

I’m personally not a big fan of coconut, so by default these went to Brian and Dylan who both enjoy coconut. I did eat one of the Caramel Sea Salt flavor that came in the March box just to try them, and it was really good, but that was enough coconut to last me a month. I should clarify that, I like coconut flavored things – I don’t like the texture of shredded coconut. I know that’s weird, but something about shredded coconut makes my mouth angry.

If you’re on a restricted diet, like I am, it can be hard to find snacks. That’s why I subscribed to Healthy Surprise. We are regular paying members of the Healthy Surprise service by the way, this was not a freebie in case you were wondering. (I’m looking at you FTC.) The monthly snack box subscription ensures that we have gluten free, soy free snacks all the time. This is only our second month, but so far we’ve found yummy things that we probably wouldn’t have gotten to try otherwise. The snacks are also vegan. That’s not an issue for me, but I thought it worth mentioning since I know several of our readers here are vegan.

I’ve got a bag of Hail Merry flavored almonds sitting here that also came in the March snack box… those are mine! I also managed to grab a pack of the “Grawnola” for breakfast one morning. Best pouch of granola I’ve ever eaten. Definitely way better than the granola we made on Girl Scout camping trips.

Hail Merry Gluten Free & Vegan Goodness

Raw Blonde MacaroonsRaw Blonde Macaroons

Cherry Almond Hemp GrawnolaCherry Almond Hemp Grawnola

Lemon Blue Agave GrawnolaLemon Blue Agave Grawnola

Notes about Hail Merry Products

  • Raw, Vegan, & Gluten Free!
  • No Grains, Paleo safe.
  • GFCO Certified Gluten Free- and so Delicious!
  • Heart Healthy, Zero Cholesterol,
  • No Refined Sugar,
  • Low Carb, High Fiber,
  • No GMO, Raw Plant Oils

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