Hungry Girl Egg Mugs Microwave Low Calorie Omelets

egg-mug-and-cheeseBreakfast Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult – Just Grab a Mug!

An egg mug that is….

People always use the excuse of not having enough time to eat a “good” breakfast in the mornings. A lot of times they grab coffee and some sugar coated pastry or granola bar that’s loaded with empty calories and not really providing them the energy to get through the day.

Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillien) is known for food makeovers and low calorie but still delicious food swaps to help people eat light while still enjoying tasty foods that they love. Her egg mugs have revolutionized breakfast – or at least they have in my house.

With a house full of people all getting ready to go at the same time, sometimes breakfast can be a mess. We’re all fans of Hungry Girl and her microwavable omelets in a mug really stirred things up around here. When we first saw them we didn’t think much of it, but eggs for breakfast were recommended on for Brian’s diet plan. To be honest, pulling out the skillet and whipping up a batch every morning was a chore and it slowed things down in the kitchen.

Then he picked up a copy of Hungry Girl to the Max!: The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook and was instantly reminded about the easy to make egg mugs. We already had all the ingredients so he popped one in the microwave right away for a quick test – and he fell in love with the idea. The next morning he showed our four boys how to make them and now they’re hooked too.

I buy egg substitute in bulk at the wholesale club every week and breakfast is always full of fun and yum. As an added bonus it’s easy to clean up and they’re not shoveling sugar into their mouths.

Hungry Girl on Rachael Ray

Just a little bit past the 2 minute mark they’re talking about the cheesy egg omelet magically made for less calories the Hungry Girl way!

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