Autumn Recipes: 12 Weeks of Recipes and Shopping Lists

Sunday morning I tend to browse Amazon for books to add to my Kindle for the week. I usually pick up a book or two to read from Kindle Unlimited and then I check out the cookbook selection to get some new recipes and ideas for the week too.

This week I picked up my blogging friend Kate’s seasonal cookbook Autumn: A Season Of Easy Cooking. And then we promptly went grocery shopping and picked up ingredients for a few of the meals.

We actually made the Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps tonight. I had most of the ingredients already, just had to pick up a few things. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef and I omitted the fish sauce (Brian’s gout and fish sauce do not get along) I splashed in a little sesame oil when I was browning the turkey up. They came out really good. I doubled the batch so we have some for lunch tomorrow too.

This is more than just a recipe cookbook, this is an entire 12 week shopping and cooking plan. I really like that, because I’m pretty bad at planning. The book includes shopping lists and prepping instructions to get the bulk of the work done in one day each week if you want to. You can certainly use the recipes on the fly too, but having everything organized and pre-planned is a pretty nice perk. This is going to make our meal planning easy breezy up until Thanksgiving, which is good news for me because I honestly haven’t been feeling so great lately, dealing with inflammation and fatigue is a bit of a struggle sometimes.

As with any cookbook, you can make your own substitutions as necessary, but so far after skimming through the only things I really need to substitute are allergies that we have. Kate focuses on using fresh seasonal items and that makes the shopping so much easier.

Go check out the book on Amazon (Autumn: A Season Of Easy Cooking) – even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can always use the free Kindle Reading App on Most Devices to read books anywhere you prefer, even on your desktop computer.

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