A 30-something father of four boys found peace and relaxation in the most unexpected place – the kitchen.

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A few years ago I had gotten really sick with an infection that had put me in the hospital for nearly two weeks. When I got home I wasn’t much better off. I had to have two foot surgeries and I was laid up on the sofa for quite awhile. In that time I watched a lot of Food Network television and really gained a passion for food and it’s preparation.

Then in early 2011 I started to have shortness of breath and all sorts of other health and wellness problems. I watched an infomercial one day about Robert Fergusion’s Food Lover’s Fat Loss System, and it has worked more than I even could have imagined. Now I find myself always looking for healthier options that still taste wonderful. And with my wife’s gluten allergy and our son’s food allergies I have even more of a challenge of feeding everyone when dinner time rolls around.

Honestly … I am loving every minute of it. My kitchen has become my place of Zen.

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