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5 Grab & Go Gluten Free Snacks

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best gluten free snacks and of course we all know whole foods are always best for us, but sometimes you need something shelf stable, in a wrapper, or easily portable that won’t get squashed in your bag. And sometimes you just want something crunchy to snack on that isn’t a carrot. Because this is real life and no one’s diet is completely perfect all of the time, here are my top five grab and go snack choices that are gluten free and yummy….

grab and go gluten free snack choices prepackaged
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PackIt Lunchbag Review

You might recall that we chose the the PackIt Mini Coolers as our go-to lunchbox for the 2012-2013 school year. I purchased five of the PackIt lunch bags in August 2012 along with some thermoses and miscellaneous lunch packing goodies. We started off with five Pack It insulated lunch bags – (Ethan has red with robots, Noah has navy with signs, Dylan had black, Lucas had the grey one, and Brian has the striped blue one to take a lunch and snacks to work.)

First let’s revisit how well those lunchboxes survived after a full school year…
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Summer Brew Braised Chicken

Shredded chicken is one of our current weekday go-to meals because it’s easy to make and it’s okay if we don’t all eat dinner at the same time because it’s good cold or hot, and it reheats well. With the kids off doing summer things on a daily basis easy dinners like this make the evenings a little more manageable.

Summer Brew Braised Chicken [photo]
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Is That Product Really Natural?

The use of the word “natural” in the food industry is an attempt to make the public believe that an item is healthy or a better choice over a competing product. “Made with natural ingredients,” or “includes natural flavors.” Think of it this way; viruses and other dangerous (even deadly) microorganisms are entirely natural. That doesn’t make them good for us. So what does natural really mean anyway?

What does "natural" mean on a food label?

According to the consumer advocate magazine Consumer Reports, this can be a very misleading term. While not too many food manufacturers will put the term “unnatural” on their foods, food described as natural can be healthy, unhealthy or have no effect on you at all.
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