Grandma’s Stuffed Cabbages in the Crockpot

There are two things in the world I deeply dislike, the ticking of a clock and the smell of cabbage cooking. I don’t know why those two things bother me so, but they seriously do.

So why am I cooking a whole big crockpot full of stuffed cabbages? Because Brian loves them and he always makes me special meals, and he does 90%+ of the cooking for the household these days, – this big batch of stuffed cabbage goodness was his Father’s Day gift from me.

Recipe for Stuffed Cabbages in the Crockpot
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Making Baked Beans From Scratch

baked beans in the crock potI feel it is fair to warn you that I’ve never done this before, and I think the crazy weather is going to my head. We always keep dry beans in the pantry for emergencies and such, but we rarely ever use them because we always seem to be in a hurry and beans from scratch take quite awhile. With all the crazy weather lately I guess things are feeling a little less rushed, so I am being brave this week and making baked beans from scratch.

Here’s the catch, I wanted this to be a dish that everyone can enjoy so that means cooking around the allergies, as we generally do. That means making some tweaks and changes from all the recipes floating around out there, the biggest change being no pork. (Our oldest son is allergic to pork.) For once, the easy part is making them gluten free, because unless you’re using bottled barbecue sauce baked beans are generally gluten free already, even certain brands of the canned variety.

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Glazed Pork Ribs with Gluten Free Barbecue Sauce

Just tossed these pork ribs in the crock pot with some Walden Farms barbecue sauce and let them slow cook all day long.

pork ribs in the crockpot with gluten-free barbecue sauce


pork ribs in the crockpot with gluten-free barbecue sauce

Enjoy your time in the kitchen!

Crockpot Cooked Roast and Summer Veggies

We decided to try something different with the roast instead of the usual potatoes and carrots. We tossed some zucchini, onions, carrots, turnips, potatoes, and peppers in a bit of grapeseed oil and salt, and we let that marinate overnight. That seemed to make the turnips and zucchini less bitter in the final dinner.

delicious crock pot roast with summer veggies
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