Taco Meatloaf

Ethan’s meatloaf ideas are always the best ones! We’re sitting at a game and he randomly says, “we should make taco meatloaf,” … so we did!

taco meatloaf

For whatever reason the camera was not cooperating and dinner was getting cold, this was the best shot of the zillion shots we took.

Layered Meatloaf with Amazing Potatoes

No secret about it, the potatoes were the superstar in this dinner…

layered meatloaf and awesome potatoes

This meatloaf recipe will need a bit of tweaking next time. But those potatoes were full of cheesy bacon goodness!

“Breakfast” Meatloaf

Ethan’s creation. He wanted breakfast food in meatloaf with a fried egg on top… sounded good to me!

Breakfast Meatloaf

Next time I think we’ll make it a little differently, but still pretty yummy :)

Jalepeno Meatloaf with Skillet Potato Soup

jalepeno meatloaf with skillet potato soup

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