Sweet Paprika Chicken, Lime Rice, Salsa Verde, and Broccoli

Well, I’d share a picture here, but it’s all gone. It was that good. The other day I picked up some beautiful seasonings at FreshMarket and thought I’d give them a try with dinner tonight. we were not disappointed.

I put a touch of cilantro in the rice with some lime juice and it was a great light touch giving it just enough flavor to be different than your usual plain jane rice. I seasoned the chicken with sweet paprika and a little bit of olive oil. The broccoli (which everyone said was amazing) were steamed in the pan with chicken broth and sprinkled with red pepper flake and a tiny drizzle of olive oil. I also halved some grape tomatoes and tossed them in olive oil with sweet basil and garlic. Those paired nicely with the broccoli and the rice.

On the surface it was your average dinner of chicken, broccoli and rice, but a few little twists of lime and a dash of seasoning really made it a wonderful dinner, worthy of any dining table.


So, what’s for dinner at your house tonight?


Enjoy your time in the kitchen,

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