Marinated Orange Pork and Chicken

Why pork and chicken? My oldest son Dylan is allergic to pork, so when we have a pork dish we always make a poultry alternative. Yes, we are a house full of allergies and food quirks, as I’m sure you will realize as this blog grows.

I always like to employ a little help in the kitchen, therefore I had my youngest son Ethan help pick the spices. We combined the spices with orange juice and the protien in a ziploc bag and let it marinade over night.

When it was time to cook we took the protein from the bags and gave it quick sear and finished it off by baking it in the oven. I also reduced the marinade down into a sauce. There are certainly a lot of orange sauces and marinades available at your local grocery store, but I have been really watching what I use lately – be selective and read those labels.

Although this paticular dinner did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to, I very much enjoyed my time in the kitchen with my son and teaching him what I can about spices and food preparation.

First, Ethan (our youngest son, 10) carefully selected the spices to include along with the orange juice for the marinade the night before…

Chef Ethan picking spices for Dad :)

and we marinated the pork and the chicken overnight…
marinating pork and chicken

Orange Pork and Veggies

Enjoy your time in the kitchen,

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