5 Grab & Go Gluten Free Snacks

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best gluten free snacks and of course we all know whole foods are always best for us, but sometimes you need something shelf stable, in a wrapper, or easily portable that won’t get squashed in your bag. And sometimes you just want something crunchy to snack on that isn’t a carrot. Because this is real life and no one’s diet is completely perfect all of the time, here are my top five grab and go snack choices that are gluten free and yummy….

grab and go gluten free snack choices prepackaged
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Lime Sherbert Cupcakes with Whipped Topping Made Gluten Free

As it often starts, I was browsing Pinterest and I came across a recipe that looked interesting. I thought to myself, “The kids would like that, it would be a fun weekend dessert.” Layered cupcakes with sherbert and whipped topping. Sounded yummy. Pinned it to refer to later….

Well, it’s the weekend and it happens to also be a certain little boy’s birthday, so I decided to go for it. Just incase my efforts fail miserably, we’re also having a standard chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. So all bases are covered!

The original recipe I pinned came from Tablespoon.com and was made with orange sherbert and complementary flavors. But Lucas loves lime sherbert, so I decided to make some flavor changes, and of course I wanted to make the cake gluten free, so I put my experiment apron and got to work. So here’s what I did…

My ingredient list;
1 Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix (mixed as directed, but used cream instead of water)
+ the eggs, vanilla, and butter needed for the cake mix
1 container lime sherbert
1 container frozen whipped topping
1 package flaked coconut for garnish

So you want a thin layer of cake in the bottom of the cupcake cup, and the original recipe suggested a heaping tablespoon of batter and baking for 10 minutes. I tried to eyeball it with a medium sized ice cream scooper and my first 12 turned out too thick, so I just frosted that dozen as regular small cupcakes. I dug out a better spoon and tried again – much better my second try. Basically you want it to be about half a cupcake or less so you have room to add the sherbert layer.

While the cakes cooled off on cooling racks, I left the sherbert on the counter to soften up. I walked away and started writing my blog post, poked around Pinterest some more, probably about 45 mins to an hour, then went back to add the sherbert layer.

I got a big spoon and scooped softened sherbert onto each cupcake and spread it like frosting. Then popped them in the freezer to firm up and left the whipped topping on the counter to thaw a little bit.

Once the sherbert layer was firm I did the same thing with the whipped topping, because regular frosting just felt wrong. Big spoonful, spread like frosting, sprinkled with coconut flakes, and popped them back in the freezer and left them there overnight.

They’re not as pretty as I’d like them to be, working with melting ingredients is a little more difficult than I expected :-p Despite the lack of beauty, the kids sure seem to like them.


Gluten Free Picnic and Potluck Recipes

Picnic FoodPicnic and backyard barbecue season is finally upon us – I was starting to get worried there with the crazy up and down weather. We had snow and ice pellets the last week of March and that kind of thing doesn’t usually happen in this part of Virginia after Spring starts.

Glad to see some sunshine for a change and we’re ready to fire up the grill, enjoy beautiful days, and we’re definitely ready to pack some picnics for days filled with soccer games and places to go.

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Ethan’s Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake

Ethan is definitely the sweet tooth of the family. For most of us this was to the point of “too much chocolate,” but he loved every single bite.

Ethan's Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake

So it’s a chocolate cake with chocolate chips mixed into the batter, a layer of chocolate chips on top during baking, then a chocolate pan frosting like you might use on a Texas Sheet Cake or a Mississipi Mud Cake, and then a full layer of chocolate chips on top of that. It’s a lot of chocolate!
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