Ideas for Making Turkey Soup From Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you’ve made some homemade turkey broth and have a little turkey leftover, you can make it into a delicious soup. There is pretty much no wrong or right way to make turkey soup, so check your pantry and let the creative ideas fly.

Turkey Noodle Soup

We’re going traditional here. Chopped carrots, onion, frozen corn, soup noodles and turkey. We used the small soup noodles in this photo, but use larger egg noodles if you like a heartier soup. Or if you prefer rice, skip the noodles altogether. [Read more…]

Making Turkey Broth from Thanksgiving Leftovers

Instead of throwing out the turkey carcass this year, turn it into and easy-to-make and delicious broth. You can use or freeze your broth. Add it to recipes that call for chicken broth or turn it into a comforting soup.

I find making our own broths and stocks especially helpful in making sure there are no wheat or grain ingredients since prepackaged broths and soups are big offenders for hidden gluten ingredients. I was surprised how many of them contain wheat ingredients when it’s so clearly not necessary. Our nearest grocery store (a Food Lion) doesn’t even carry a prepackaged gluten free broth or stock that we can use, we have to make a trip to Farm Fresh or Target if we don’t have any on hand and need to buy some.

So let’s get started making this turkey broth! I think you’ll appreciate the comforts of Thanksgiving every time you use it. [Read more…]

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